Trading in Forex and CFDs could lead to loss of all your invested capital


  • Cryptocurrencies have become one of the hottest trends
  • Volumes of trades are breaking new ground each month
  • Now! You can Trade 100 Crypto instruments with us on real-time quotes
  • Negative balance protection

Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto (or not)
  • Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins
  • Major commercial companies both offline & online accept Bitcoin currency. Including Overstock, Microsoft, Dell, Holiday Inn and more
  • Very low fees or no fees with Bitcoin transactions
  • Bitcoins are held within digital wallets. Lose the wallet. Lose the bitcoins

Etherium (ETH)

  • Was founded in 2014 by Vitalik Buterin (real person)
  • Name originated from the name of a race in World of Warcraft
  • Second most popular after Bitcoin
  • Increased by 5000% within 2017
  • Not a Cryptocurrency – Provides an open source blockchain platform
  • In addition to currency, developers can use the blockchain for other purposes
  • Revert centralized services to decentralized services
  • Banks have a close relationship with Ehtarium

Ripple (XRP)

  • Run by OpenCoin, Ripple is a distributed open-source payments platform
  • Ripple is basically a payment platform designed to connect different payment systems together using XRP as their currency
  • Ripple takes a small fraction of XRP from each transaction
  • There is no P2P mining, all mining is done by Ripple
  • Although technically rivals, Bitcoin transactions can be conducted using the Ripple platform

Litecoin (LTC)

  • Launched 2011 by Google creator Charles Lee
  • Intended to be an improvement to Bitcoin
  • Faster block generation rate based on a distinct mining algorithm
  • Claim to offer 4 times faster confirmation time than Bitcoin and more secure
  • Bitcoin is Gold. Litecoin is Silver. LTC will never surpass Bitcoin, but it will continue to grow alongside it

Monero (XMR)

  • Launched April 2014
  • Offers better anonymity by using stealth addresses and ‘ring signatures’
  • Monero uses can select who has access to their transactions
  • No transaction trail ,meaning vendors can’t deny transaction based on poor history
  • Enjoys a steady adoption rate upon release

Zcash (ZEC)

  • Launched in 2016 in an attempt to create greater privacy
  • Zcash doesn’t reveal the participants or amounts involved in the transaction. Only the fact the transaction took place
  • Disables transaction history, meaning vendors can’t refuse transactions
  • No reason for coin blacklisting
  • 10% of the Zcash mined will go to the Zcash shareholders


  • Launched January 2014
  • Began with the Bitcoin blockchain, but ventured out to create their own
  • Considers themselves a digital currency with no physical form
  • Created “PrivateSend” which mixes the transactions with other transcations making it harder to trace
  • Masternode- users who have 1000 or more Dash which offers them higher mining rewards and faster transaction times
  • 45% of the mining rewards go to miners, 45% to ‘masternodes’, 10 back into Dash
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